Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Off I Go To The ACFW Conference

My clothes are clean, though not packed, my lists of assignments that I volunteered for are printed, my schedule is printed, and I'm off on Wednesday evening to travel to Dallas for the 2007 ACFW Conference.

Thursday morning, bright and early, my friend will give me a wake-up call, and I'll drive in to the Marriott for the Early Bird Conference. I can't wait.

People I haven't seen in a year will be there, and new friends await my meeting them. My Naner Banana hat is ready and waiting to go, now I just have to find my camera so I can get a picture of me wearing it.

So, I'll be away from my computer once more. Meet me back here in about a week, and I'll let you know how the conference turned out. See you then.


Patti Shene said...

Can't wait to hear how the conference went for you, Kassy!

Jess said...

How did you enjoy the conference, Kassy? What did you think of the EB session?

Okay, I'm waiting for a full report. I blogged my thoughts and waiting for yours. :)

It was good to see you again!